Fish Surveys

We are able to offer our clients a variety of options when it comes to fish stock assessment, utilising a range of  techniques, including Electric Fishing, Seine Netting and Fyke Netting.  All surveys are undertaken by highly trained and skilled operatives.  Protocols are conducted to Environment Agency standards and Health and Safety guidelines.


The aeration units we manufacture are ideally suited to modern day Commercial Stillwater fisheries.  Our staff will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

Hydrogen Peroxide

During his career at the Environment Agency, Andy Beal was part of the national working group on the use of Hydrogen Peroxide and as such has been able to transfer the knowledge and skills aquired to provide a bespoke service to match clients needs to alleviate the symptoms of low oxygen levels in aquatic ecosystems. Our purpose built units can be deployed from the bank or from a boat, depending upon the size of water body.

Invasive Non-Native Species

All INNS control takes place under the strictest of guidelines. We understand the potential risks our activities may have on the environment and therefore adopt strict bio-security measures in everything we do.

Aquatic Plant Management

Our staff are trained and licensed to undertake aquatic macrophyte control. All necessary paperwork is completed free of charge.

Habitat Creation

Having suitable and sufficient habitat for fish is often the limiting factor as to whether or not a fishery is successful and sustainable.  At AFM Ltd, we utilise a number of proven techniques to increase a water bodies ability to maintain a viable and healthy fish population.